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Take back control over your information systems. Strengthen the security of your IT tools. Trust our specialists to protect your tools, your data, your employees


Too much dangers

  • Average cost of a malware attack : 2.6M $
  • Average cost of a ransomware : 133.000 $
  • DDoS attacks worldwide will be 15.4 millions in 2023

More than ever, every IT infrastructure are potential targets.

Welcome To Pegasy

The Best Partner For All Protection Need

However your need in cybersecurity, we can help you. Reactivity, efficiency, discretion are our engines.

Let us support you in your cybersecurity projects. Don’t stay alone against threats.

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

You want to know if your infrastructure is reliable, if you do not risk anything? Our offensive team will help you spot any problems

Effective Protection

Effective Protection

You need help to correct flaws, to improve your security : we can step in to build a strong protection. Our defensive team will help you into that

Our Services

What We Offer

Network Security

Network Security

Network is the gateway of your infrastructure. Don't let bad people enter into your place

Database Security

Database Security

"Data is the new water". What can happen if your databases are compromised ?

Web Security

Web Security

If you live du to your website, every minute that it is inaccessible will make you lose money

Code Analysis

Code Analysis

We can help to detect flaws in the source code of your project to avoid future incidents

Data Security

Data Security

The users who give you their data trust you. Imagine if they were to fall into the wrong hands



Not a lot of companies have skills to secure blockchain/cryptocurrency project. We can do it.

Why Choose Us

Provide Advanced Security for Advanced Threat

Our team is constitued by multi IT domain skills. We have network experts, systems experts, developers, security standards specialists…

How we can proceed :


You want a training in cybersecurity ? Network, Systems, Cloud, offensive, defensive, prepararation to certification… Our teams can give courses to your employees if you are a company, or to your students if you are a school.

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Follow the publishing created by our experts : learning, news and informational content.

Stay tuned about technological evolutions in the cybersecurity industry, recent flaws and disclosures, and the growth of Pegasy’s team.


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